LLC Consultancy CIC offers short training courses and educational programmes in a range of subjects related to public health, in particular substance misuserelated issues, sexual health, violence, HIV/AIDS, risk behaviour, cultural competence and diversity.

All training and educational events are targeted at practitioners. LLC Consultancy CIC recognises that for training to be effective and able to make a difference, educational programmes have to build on the participants' existing knowledge and must be relevant to their personal and professional experience. Training and education need to enhance knowledge, understanding and practical skills.

Our teaching is interactive, skills-based and aims to create highly competent professionals whose practice is guided by up-to-date theoretical knowledge. These innovative programmes have been developed in close partnership with employers and partner organisations, based on learning needs analysis and research evidence to ensure they are relevant to the practice of the participants.

Specific learning programmes:

Our training programme can offer anything from 1, 2 or 3 day training courses right up to in-depth educational programmes via e-learning or blended learning.

The training is provided either in-house or as external event such as an open access course:

In-house training:
An organisation, or group of interested people, book LLC Consultancy CIC for the day. The organisation provides the training facilities, undertakes the marketing, administration of the training day and recruitment of participants. LLC Consultancy CIC provides the trainer and materials to facilitate the day. Cost is calculated per day.
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Open Access course:
LLC Consultancy CIC organises facilities, food and drinks, marketing and recruitment of participants. A minimum of 10, up to a maximum of 25 participants. Cost is calculated per participant.
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All our learning programmes have an evaluation element included to measure the impact of the educational event.

Tailor-made training programmes based on a group's or an organisation's learning needs can be offered. The delivery mode is flexible and training can be provided locally, nationally and internationally. If you are interested please fill in the trainng needs assessment form and forward to us. We will then contact you.

Our training programmes can be offered in English, German and Spanish language.

LLC Consultancy is a recognised centre with Open College Network London Region (OCN) and offers a range of OCN accredited training.

New Developments:

LLC has recently developed an OCN accredited training course 'Drugs and Alcohol in the Community' to train community advocates to help people with drug and alcohol problems in their community.
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Our Recovery College assists individuals with drug and alcohol related problems in their recovery by working through their own issues and gaining the skills needed for a volunteering post or a paid job. To learn more contact us