Cultural Competence and Diversity

Cultural competence is needed to provide high quality services to people from diverse cultural backgrounds. This training programme has been developed to assist professionals who are working with people from different cultural backgrounds to provide specialist and culturally competent care.

The concept of culture in our training is inclusive and not limited to particular ethnic or religious groups as services need to respond to the needs of a culturally diverse population.

The teaching and learning approach is based on a view that cultural competence can best be achieved by developing attitudes and behaviour through a process of critical reflection rather than transmitting knowledge. For training in cultural competence to be effective, cultural knowledge needs to be converted into culturally sensitive and competent skills, behaviour and action.

To achieve this a mix of teaching methods will be used, that are well suited to adult learning (such as debates, group activities, case studies, role play, experimental and equiry exercises and policy analysis) so as to encourage critical reflection, analysis, evaluation and problem solving.

The programme has been developed as multidisciplinary training. It draws on the participants' working experience and provides examples and case studies from the participants' disciplines.

Who should attend?

Anybody who is interested and/or who works in a diverse environment in the broader field of health and social care; for example, midwifes, nurses, mental health nurses, drug and alcohol workers, social workers, and youth workers.

LLC Consultancy CIC offers a range of training options: