Cultural Competence and Diversity Training Day

We offer short courses, varying from 1, 2 to 3 days training. The three training days build upon each other and provide a good grounding on how to work with culturally diverse clients and colleagues and to learn what is culturally competent practice.

The aim of the training is to go beyond awareness and to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills which are required to provide a culturally safe service environment. Participants will be expected to develop a non-judgemental approach, cultural sensitivity, self-awareness of attitudes towards clients and colleagues from other cultures. They will also develop skills in communication, assessment and specific interventions.

The training draws on the participants' experience and working practice within the broader health and social care field. The course has been designed as multi-disciplinary in order to enhance the opportunities to learning from each other.

  • Day 1 focuses on the concept of cultural diversity and identity and the wider influences of ethnicity, gender, age, social class on culture. The participants' assumptions about specific cultural groups are explored and stereotypical views challenged. The concepts of cultural competence and diversity are examined and the skills are explored that are needed to provide a culturally congruent service environment.
  • Day 2 centres on the participants' reflection upon their workplace and to identify gaps in service provision; explore staff-client relationships and attitudes of staff to people from other cultural and social backgrounds, and vice versa. The emphasis is on developing appropriate communication skills, assessment tools and interventions geared to the needs of the individual and his/her family within the context of cultural and social factors.
  • Day 3 explores the various policies on equal opportunities, discrimination and human rights. Participants are encouraged to reflect on how far these policies have been implemented within their workplace and to see if they work; to identify gaps and challenging situations; develop ways to improve working with colleages and clients from other cultures, and how to improve the implementation of these policies.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the training programme the participants will be able to
  • understand the concepts of cultural diversity and cultural competence and explore the impact of cultural stereotypes and stigma on clients and colleagues within their working environment.
  • understand the need of culturally competent skills in assessment and interventions, identify gaps in their working area and develop new ways of working with diverse clients and colleages in a culturally congruent way.
  • explore the implementation of equal opportunity policies and anti-discriminatory practice at the workplace and make recommendations for improvement.
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