Sex, Drugs & Alcohol Training

We offer short courses on the relationship between sex, drugs and alcohol, varying from 1, 2 or 3 Day training. The training days build upon each other and provide a good understanding of the most relevant issues. The training aims to provide the participants with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are needed to understand the complex interrelation between sexual behaviour and the use of drugs and alcohol, and then to develop strategies upon how best to respond to these interrelated problems.

  • Day 1 provides an overview on what is known about the effects that drugs and alcohol have on sexual behaviour and looks at the implications risky sexual behaviour may have on the individual user and their sexual partners.
  • Day 2 explores risky behaviour and identifies particular vulnerable groups at risk. We also consider the range of ethical issues associated with sexual relationships whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol (i.e. consent, age)
  • Day 3 examines the effectiveness of communication strategies, approaches for behaviour change and policies. It seeks to find new ways upon how best to respond in terms of needs for health promotion, communication, interventions and policy.

Learning outcomes:

After the training participants will be able to

  • understand the complexity of the relationship between sexual behaviour and the use of drugs and alcohol and be aware of the effects drugs and alcohol can have on sexual behaviour and vice versa.
  • explore the risks associated with sexual behaviour whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol, in particular with regards to vulnerable population groups.
  • examine existing strategies for communication, behaviour change and policies in their effectiveness and develop recommendations upon how to improve them.

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