Substance Misuse

Problematic use of legal and illegal psychoactive substances is not only an individual problem but a public health problem that concerns the wellbeing of the wider society. To have any chance of successfully tackling drug and alcohol problems a wide health approach must be adopted that also addresses issues of social exclusion, deprivation and personal development. A solution, therefore, requires a collaborative approach from practitioners working in a range of areas. For example, education, benefit and employment agencies, housing, family support services, the wider health services, including A&E, GP practices, midwifery and also those working in the criminal justice system.

Practitioners in a range of services work with people who are affected by the effects of psychoactive substances. These practitioners need to be able to recognise the effects and risks of problematic drug use and excessive drinking within the communities they are working in. They also need to understand the social context of drug taking and drinking, and know how they can respond within their professional remit, and where to refer these individuals to get further help.

Individuals with addiction problems need support in their recovery journey to get aspiration to move on and turn their lives around and get the skills to do so.
Also their families and friends also need support and many of them are willing to work as volunteers in the community to help other individuals and families affected by addiction.

LLC Consultancy CIC can help with learning solutions for professionals and individuals with addiction problems. We offer a range of training courses geared towards the needs of the participants:

  • Substance Misuse Training for professionalson a broad range of substance misuse related subjects.
  • Staff working in community services and community activists will benefit from a our training course: Drug and Alcohol in the Community.
  • The LLC Recovery College supports individuals by raising their spirations and enhances their potential for recovery through personal and professional development. The Recovery College offers a skills workshop, a better understanding of drug and alcohol related problems within the community and a Peer Mentoring Course.

Some of our training courses are accredited by Open College Network London and participants have the opportunity to achieve a OCN qualification, award or credits.

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