Drugs and Alcohol in the Community

New training course:

LLC Consultancy CIC developed a training course ‘Drug and Alcohol in the Community’ in co-operation with the Buckinghamshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team Commissioner (DAAT) to train volunteers working for the Buckinghamshire Council as community advocates. The course is targeted at ex drug users and drinkers who want to give something back to society, their family members, friends and other people from the community who are interested in supporting individuals with drug and alcohol problems.

The course includes 16 face-to-face sessions, divided into four units, over a period of 8 months.

The course has been accredited by Open College Network and offers participants the opportunity to gain academic credits for their further professional development by completing a range of assessments.

Aims: The course aims to enable participants to

  • recognise drug and alcohol related problems within their community, advise the affected individuals and refer them on to the appropriate local services for help and support;
  • work as a drug and alcohol community advocate and to engage hard to reach disadvantaged communities who would usually not come forward to access services.

The aim is further to motivate participants who are unemployed to seek a placement as volunteer with a community service or the local borough council with the expectation that the gained working experience would potentially enable them to progress to paid work.


After the successful pilot, we now offer the course to Drug and Alcohol Drug Action Teams and Councils in other boroughs who want to train community advocates.
We also offer the course to community organisatons who want their staff to get the skills of working with people with drug and alcohol related problems.


For more information on the training or to book a place on the next course please contact us.