Substance Misuse Training

Understanding drug and alcohol problems

We offer short courses varying from 1, 2 or 3 Day-Training. These training days build upon each other and provide a basic understanding of drug and alcohol problems.  The training aims to go beyond awareness training as it focuses on the development of relevant and useful skills for the participants' working practice.
  • Day 1 focuses on the effects of the range of psychoactive drugs, patterns and trends, the risks involved and when does drug use or drinking become a problem. Key issues such as dependence/addiction are also addressed.
  • Day 2 explores the reasons behind drug use and excessive drinking and considers the social context of its use in a diverse population. We consider the diverse needs of problematic drug users and drinkers and highlight the importance of a non-judgemental attitude in order to attract them into services.
  • Day 3 gives an overview of the development of drug and alcohol policy and considers the range of treatment interventions available in order to tackle drug and alcohol problems.
Learning outcomes:

After the training participants will be able to
  • understand the range of legal and illigal psychoactive substances, their effects and risks; to recognise the patterns and trends of drug use and drinking in the various population groups and to identify the problems and harms associated with drug use.
  • explore the reasons behind problematic drug use and excessive drinking and its social context; develop an understanding of the needs of the diverse population groups and be aware of the importance of adopting a non-judgemental approach when working with people with drug and alcohol problems.
  • understand the concepts of dependancy/addiction and problematic use and their impact on treatment options; develop an awareness of policies and strategies in response to drug and alcohol problems.

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If you are interested in a specific tailor-made training programme based on your organisation's needs, then please fill in the training needs assessment form and forward to us. We will then contact you to discuss the details.

We also offer training on a range of other substance misuse related subjects at various knowledge levels. Please contact us to discuss the options.